Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The time i cruised with my dad. Part I

Nearly a year ago, my dad and i decided to take a cruise together. We left my poor, CPA mother behind to whittle after tax season. Neither of us had been on a cruise before. And other than Canada, my father had never experienced the world outside of the US.

The highlight: My 68 year old father swam in the Caribbean ocean with me.

I tried to keep a log each day and of course they are from my point of view. When i could, i posted them onto my facebook page for my friends to read. Re-reading them now, i realize what a cheeseball i am.

The evening of May 23rd, 2009

Day One.

When this trip was planned, there were over one hundred days until embarkation. Being the type of person who counts down to the last hours, i knew that it would make the waiting period drag on even longer. Somehow i waited and didn't log into the Royal Caribbean site until last Monday. "6 days until embarkation!" Oh shit.

Tuesday i ran to Target for the obligatory "Trip Shopping" that many of us females use as an excuse to buy whatever, really. I got some "Jackie-O" large, obnoxious sunglasses that i had intended on buying and a big, floppy hat. I needed some jewelry for the dresses i got for the cruise and some SPF70 sunblock spray. Also, an eight-ball of coke, four tabs of acid, a cabana boy and probably the girliest pair of flip flops that i will ever own. (Just kidding, Boss! I didn't get a cabana boy!)

At that point, i was pretty well set. Friday comes and i've left all other trip preparations to the last minute. Naturally. I work better under pressure. Laundry, superfluous errands, obtain luggage from storage, boyfriend time, etc. Check. Check. Check. And check.

Saturday the 23rd @ 3am: Alarm goes off. Do any of you know what NPR airs at 3am? Nothing important. I shower. I fall asleep in the shower. I wake up in the shower. I scramble like a frantic ant that lost its "Mound of Dirt Home" to some asshole who swept it away while walking by. Fifteen minutes, two packed bags and one shoddy makeup-job later, i'm kissing my sleepy kitty goodbye.

Flight to Chicago was made pleasant by the toddler who sat in front of me. No, really. He was a very good baby. He flirted with me from time to time and never made a sound. The five hour flight to San Juan was smooth. Now Papa and i are relaxing our exhausted bodies in our room. Free WiFi. Check. Bringing the laptop was a good move.

Next mission: Food.

Update: Dinner hit the spot like sperm to an ovum. What did i have? I'm so glad you asked. What would i eat every day of the week if given the chance? ....SUSHI. Papa and i went downstairs to the hotel bistro and there it was, as customary as french fries. It had its own little section on the menu like soups, salads, entrees and appetizers. "Sushi." It was like showing up to your surprise birthday party. You can't get over such a lovely thought.

Do all the menus in San Juan have its own sushi section? Gawd, i hope so. That is a world that i want to some day live in.

The happy toddler who kept flirting with me.

Post landing-and-luggage-retrieval smoke.

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